Property Contact Information

Welcome to the
Property Contact Directory
provided by the Rockford Apartment Association.
This directory is intended to provide people in Winnebago County a means to determine whom to call regarding both owner-occupied and rental property. It may be used by anyone to provide a contact name and phone number for any single or multi-family location. The Rockford Apartment Association believes this will be a valuable resource for neighbors to communicate with each other when there are concerns or questions about a piece of property.
Link to RAA Property Directory

To search for property contact information just type in the address of the property and select search. A name and phone number for the person to contact will be returned.

To add a contact name and number you must register an account. To register click on the register option below the login and password in the upper right hand corner of the screen. After you have filled in your information, click on the register key below your information. An access code will then be emailed to you. Go to your email system. Copy and paste the access code sent to you in the box on the activate account screen.

Creating a personal account prevents others from making changes to a property contact entry that you add to the system. You may edit or delete your entry at any time by searching for the entry and then clicking on the notepad symbol to edit, or the minus sign to delete an entry.

Report any problems with this application by email to the
Rockford Apartment Association