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Letter from the President

        I have talked about the benefits of being a member of the Rockford Apartment Association in the past but I am compelled to repeat myself for one very good reason. As all of you may know a rent control ban was placed into Illinois State law in 1997. Recently a proposed House Bill HB0255 being pushed by some groups in Chicago would repeal the ban on rent control. HB0255 would have lifted this ban and another proposal HB2192 would have created 6 different rent control districts. Each district would have paid members on a panel that controlled those districts. The cost of those panels would have been passed down to you and me in the form of registration fees. Fortunately both bills were voted down and sent back rules committee which means they cannot be considered for another year. There were 781 witness slips in favor of the HB0255 but there were 1349 witness slips opposing it. Our State Association IRPOA (Illinois Rental Property Owners Association) in conjunction with all the individual Associations such as the RAA were instrumental in fighting this proposed legislation. A portion of the dues you pay to be a member of the RAA each year go to IRPOA. They hire a lobbyist on our behalf to represent all of our interests. I cannot overstate how important those dollars are down state and it’s getting more important each year. There is a never ending assault on landlords and property owners with one game changing proposal after another being thrown at us. I hope you will all consider how important your membership dues are and to keep your membership active to help fight for all of our interests. There is strength in numbers and those dollars are helping us push back on legislation that will have negative impacts on our business. I should also stress how important it is that each of you fill out witness slips. Irpoa will send them to you in a call to action email. It only takes a moment to do and you may need to fill them out more than once. A bill might get pushed to the following week for consideration and it needs to be done again in those cases. Thanks to all of you who did take the time to do so! There are many benefits to being a member of the RAA but this is one you can’t put a price tag on.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t make mention of all the hard work Paul Arena has put into the fight for us down state, not only on the Rent Control bill, but for many other things. Paul has made more than a few trips to Springfield testifying before committees and meeting with representatives of IRPOA and our Lobbyist on many other issues as well. Paul does not get paid to do this. We owe him a debt of gratitude so let’s all give Paul a big thanks when you see him. Most of you don’t realize what he has done for the RAA. Thank you Paul!

    Spring is in the air as we wind down the year with our last program April 16th 2019 followed by our annual Banquet May 21st 2019. We’ve had a wide variety of programs from the start in September 2018. Our programs were; Getting Started in Real Estate, Elements of the Lease, Screening Tenants, Tax Laws, The Section Eight housing Voucher Program, and last month we had Matt Flores and Nelson Sjostrom from the city of Rockford talking about the new Vacant Property Ordinance and Neighborhood Standards. Thanks to all that have participated in those programs. We will finish the year with Leslie Meyers from the Winnebago County Health Department and the “Lead Safe Rockford” Program. Leslie will explain the “Lead Safe Rockford” program and grants that have made money available to remove lead hazards from homes in Winnebago County. You will also learn what your responsibilities are as a housing provider. Many of us got our start on older and smaller buildings built before 1978 and it still a great way to break in to the rental market. You just need to know how to handle lead hazards. If you rent out a house or apartment and the structure was built prior to 1978 you are required to take certain steps and precautions before doing any work. You are also required to give tenants the Lead safe pamphlets. These are just some of the things Leslie will cover. It should be a great program so don’t miss it.

Hope to see you all there!

Karl Fauerbach, RAA President



City legal memo to council for Chronic Nuisance Ordinance
Memo from Di Monte & Lizak on Home Rule authority re Ordinance


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