About Us

What is the RAA?
RAA is a nonprofit, educational organization representing nearly 9,000 units in the northern Illinois area.
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Who belongs to RAA?
People who own and/or manage single or multi-housing properties in Northern Illinois. This includes small scale and large scale owners, realtors, property management firms, managers of complexes, and condominium owners. Our membership also includes managers and suppliers of related products and services to our organization.
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What about suppliers?
We also have a large Service Directory list which includes companies offering industry-related goods and services; such as, appliances, appraisals, carpet, carpet cleaning, cleaning supplies, electric, glass repair, heating and air conditioning, insurance, locksmith, pest control, plumbing, scavenger service, and others.
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Why should you join the RAA?
You can learn how to improve your "bottom line", handle your property more efficiently and economically, and handle tenant problems; often before they start. Also, you can save money when purchasing through our affiliates and advertisers. Learn how to make your good investment an even better investment.
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Educational Offerings
We offer monthly meetings designed to bring you new ideas, products and cost-saving services. Our guest speakers share their expertise and knowledge on management, legislature, finances, legal issues, etc.. Frankly, we try to cover everything of interest to a property owner or manager.
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We exchange information with other apartment associations across the United States. We also subscribe to various newsletters and magazines that contain information pertinent to the multi-housing industry.
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Operational Forms
We offer a complete selection of forms developed with our legal counsel. RAA forms are being used throughout the Northern Illinois area. Rental application, leases, inspection reports and 5, 10, and 30-day notices are available to RAA members only.
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Legislative Assistance
We work to protect our mutual interest at the local and state level by keeping track of proposed legislation in support of reasonable laws and in defense against the unfair ones.
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Clearing House
Our organization acts as an informative clearing house to answer questions and concerns of particular value to the new owner or manager.
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Monthly Newsletter
Our official newsletter is geared primarily to the Northern Illinois multi-housing interest, and is filled with valuable information keeping you current on every aspect of property management.

Past newsletters have included:

  • Notification of monthly meetings, including the guest speakers and their topics. See Meetings & Events

  • A Service Directory of Vendors

  • Articles on repairs and maintenance, including, plumbing, heating, electrical, lawn care, pest control and more...

  • Articles on local projects and people

  • Fair housing and court cases

  • Legal issues - Evictions and claims

  • Tax exemptions and advice

  • Security advice and safety measures

  • Personnel issues, including hiring and firing

  • Property management

  • Screening prospective tenants

  • Upcoming trends and projections

  • Lead, asbestos, EPA standards, occupancy standards, etc.

  • Articles by guest writers

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Newsletters are not distributed in  June, July, August or December.

If you're looking for an outstanding organization for owners and managers of single and multi-housing properties in Northern Illinois

... RAA is your best choice.

Rockford Apartment Association
PO Box 2502 | Loves Park, IL 61132 | 1-800-RAA-6676